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Musuem of Prophecy


This museum contains a series of boxes each has a lock and years on the box. Participants were asked to find the matching years of keys and box, then open the box with the correct key. Next, the participant used their phones to scan the text inside the box to find out the details of Prophecy. 


The concept of this project is to create a physical door as a portal to between space and time. Allowing the audience to travel back to the days when Prophecy are made to the days the Prophecy become "true". 


​second prototypes

participant interact with initial prototype

Final Design & Interaction

Close-up interaction & AR Tech

Prophecy details:

each box contains a paragraph from one of the famous prophecies. After the audience reads through the section, they can use their phone to scan the paragraph. Then on their phone, the results of the prophecies will show up in a form of video. 

Details of Prophecy