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spaceFlow is a re-imagination of browser design.

UI, UX, Browser design, Branding, Metadata, information processing

Interactive Installation, Physical Computation, Projection Mapping

In-Betweenness is an interactive installation about spatial recognition and interaction.

Unity, Interactive Experience, Audio, Digital Museum

This is a 3D interactive environment for an immersive sound experience. 

JS, Interactive Music, body-tracking, Pose.Net's machine learning model.

This project allows you to interact with music through your body movements from left to right, up and down.

Creative coding, p5js

A collection of visuals build through p5.js platform. 

AR, Physical Installation, Coming soon

A portal between prophecy and space.

​My name is Ziwei, Call me Z! I'm an NYC based digital designer and creative coder. My work ranges from spatial to digital design with a passion for creating interactive, useful, and delightful experiences. 

Hey! This is my main page, hover over to reveal more about me!

My background in interior design

My background in interior design

My background in interior design

Hey, I'm  Z [ Ziwei ] ,

I'm an NYC-based  digital  &  experience designer.  

My passion for creating interactive, useful, and delightful experiences motivates me to pursue a diverse range of projects, from spatial design to digital design. 


Digital Works


Work Range from interactive installation, Unity-based experience, interactive website, physical computation, and creative coding.

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