2 week


Team of two


Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library The Blacksburg branch of Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library is on 200 Miller St., near the famous Huckleberry Trail. Locals in Blacksburg visit for reading, social, and entertainment purposes.

This project is to re-design the interior space for the Blacksburg Library so it fits in the vision of the future of libraries. The concept of this new design is "flow of thoughts". Our goal is to make a space where people could be social and at the same time, encouraged to pick up a book to read. And through the communication generated throughout the space, a flow of thoughts appears. Overall, the space encourages people to walk around and socialize with different people and also has many private areas for them to concentrate. Everyone is welcome in the library. It is a space for everyone to read, learn and study, meet and gather. It is also a place for testing, creating, exhibiting, and presenting the latest innovations. 


​initial research