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EcoFlyer as a concept is something that we think is lacking from the sustainable field. The primary difficulty we had while designing this product was how to raise awareness and educate users on sustainability without having too much information. There are still many improvements for EcoFlyer but I feel we have designed an engaging and interesting experience for the users. 


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MOBILE - 2021


6 - 7 weeks


group project


Eco Flyer is an app that helps travelers be more mindful of sustainable practices in airports

The airline travel and tourism industry has been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, tourism was a massive growth industry. Over-tourism has triggered discussions around the need for balanced tourism. Can we go beyond sustainable tourism to regenerative tourism?  Can we visit a place and leave it in a better state than when we first got there? In a post-pandemic, post-normal world, we will have the opportunity to change our travel habits and practices for the better!



How can we re-imagine the idea of traditional tourism in creating a more inclusive social, environmental, sustainable, and immersive travel experience?

Airport Waste


Travelers & passersby of the airports


The excessive amount of waste generated in airports by travelers and occupants.


How can we decrease airport and landfill waste by educating travelers to better manage and sort their trash?

ultimate goal.

In our initial research, we try to identify not only the general scope of this project but to decide which direction we wanted to take the product. This was a form of brainstorming during our kickoff period that proved to be very helpful in setting up the foundation for the rest of our process. We realized that there is a bigger opportunity to tackle waste generation in airports because hundreds of travelers discard items there every day. In addition to this, airports are a better facility for users to engage with digital products.

what is sustainable travel?

We conducted a user questionnaire and serveral interviews to grasp the general understanding and practice of sustainable travel, as well as what makes sustainable tourism hard to practice.

survey & interview.